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Lary G. Lamoreux, Esq.
Of Counsel
Firm Overview

About Us

Nevada Estate Planning & Probate Services is a law firm offering legal services in the limited areas of asset protection, business planning, estate planning (which includes preparation of family trusts, single trustor trusts, last will and testaments, pour over wills, living wills, and powers of attorney for healthcare and finance), probate and trust administration.


We are a client focused firm dedicated to serving the individual client with their specialized and unique business and estate planning needs.  Our clients benefit from our 40+ years of combined legal experience and our unwavering commitment to excellence.  We would be honored to assist you with your estate planning, asset protection or probate needs.

Lary obtained his law degree in 1980 from Gonzaga University. He went on to obtain his LLM – Masters of Law in Taxation.  He has been licensed in three states:  North Dakota in 1983, Montana in 1984 and Nevada in 1987.  He has practiced actively in Nevada since 1987 and exclusively in the areas of Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Business Formation, Business Management and Succession and Asset Protection.  He has given countless seminars on the subjects of Estate Planning , Business Formation and Management, and Asset Protection and served as the exclusive estate planning lecturer for federal employment retirees for over ten years.  In addition, he has helped countless families navigate the legal  aspects  of estates and asset transfers following the death of a family member, including helping families through (instead of navigate) the probate process and/or trust administration process. He also assists with succession planning and implementation for business entities.

A dedicated and devoted husband and father, Lary is proud to have served his country in Army Intelligence during the Vietnam conflict.    He enjoys staying active with his dog, who he adores, flying his plane, and tending to his roses and garden.   As a Command Pilot, Lary has donated his time and finances to Angle Flight, an organization whose members fly patients and family members to out of state medical facilities for treatment.    


Lary is adored by his clients, some of whom have been with him the entirety of his career, and whose children and grandchildren also seek his counsel.  He is a treasure in the community and in this field. He looks forward to assisting you with your legal matters and giving you the time, attention and thoughtful explanation that you need in order to attend to important decisions about your family and your business.

Firm Philosophy

To serve the client in the most effective way possible: providing the best legal advice and options based on the circumstances.  To be attentive and available to clients so the legal questions and burdens do not have to weigh on the client’s mind. To provide such a level of excellent service to our clients that they always feel confident that they can reach out and obtain the assistance or answers they need and that they are proud to give their wholehearted recommendation of our firm to their family members and friends.

Rebeccah A. Murray, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Rebeccah obtained her law degree at UNLV’S Boyd School of Law in 2006, while working full time for the Family Court Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court.  Thereafter, she was recruited by the Honorable James Bixler, Department XXIV Judge, who had both a civil and criminal calendar.  She remained clerking for Judge Bixler for four years because she loved the work and the department so much.  After her tenure with Department XXIV came to a close, Rebeccah bravely set out into private practice where she handled a number of cases, the majority of which were child custody, divorce, and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy matters.  She handled several estate planning matters during that time and fell in love with estate planning.  Rebeccah has had the great fortune and opportunity to work with Lary G. Lamoreux, who has poured into her his extensive knowledge and experience in Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Probate so that she could quickly assimilate into these areas about which she is passionate about practicing. And, he has given her great exposure to a high number of probate, estate planning, asset protection and real estate matters during her time working with him.


Rebeccah is another lawyer that stands out in the sea of lawyers because she has a heart for people and a dedication to her clients and their causes.  Those attributes have caused clients to connect with her and comment that she is very different from other lawyers with approachability and warmth being the most cited differing attributes.  Rebeccah is energized and ready to serve the legal needs of your family and business.

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